It’s about that time…well it’s been underway for a while but the festival season is far from over. For those of us who are part of the festival industry whether you’re a manager, performer, or another integral role, there is always a staple set of necessities that one needs to survive the deep shark-infested waters of the festival season. Whether it’s a much-needed essential or something to help keep your sanity, these items will improve your survival this summer & beyond. We’ve come up with a list of items that may inspire you to improve your survival while tackling the festival masses and extreme weather conditions wherever you travel this year.

1. Folding Bike For A Quick Getaway – Favored by touring artists such as David Byrne, bringing your own small, portable bike with you will allow you to cut out for lunch, quick breaks, and even help you get around backstage or anywhere mostly at most festivals.

2. Get Creative About Hydration – Hydration is key when it comes to festivals and touring in general. With these at foot, you’ll never go thirsty again! Feel free to fill them with your desired beverage, from water to booze. Flip Flasks flask sandals –

3. Satisfy Your Cravings For Home – Missing your favorite comfort foods from home? Lou Malnati’s will deliver frozen deep-dish pizzas on dry ice. Be aware to order days ahead of time. Giordano’s will also deliver nationwide to almost anywhere. and

4. Apple FaceTime Hacks – Have too small of a mobile device with too small of a screen? Want to know how to create a big screen in your bus or in the venue or anywhere else? It can be as easy as throwing a large blank white sheet up with tape on a wall or a blanket taped/pinned somewhere accessible. If you wanna view your friends, family, & loved ones while on the road in addition to other simple hacks that could come in handy while on the road, check out Instructables.

5. Palm-sized Pocket Projector – To think you actually found some down time. Maybe you wanna catch up on some Netflix or have other urges. This 2 inch cube has capabilities to blow up and project on a flat surface/wall just about anything from a connecting DVD/Blu-Ray player or other mobile device. Be sure to check out both items.

6. Amazon Prime Pantry – It’s now all just one click/tap away. Have food, beverages, pet supplies, books, gaming gear, just about anything available, delivered ahead to the next day’s show! Get a $10 credit upon initial sign-up. (Find other cool things on Amazon that can be delivered for free/cheap with an Amazon Prime subscription.)

7. Portable Solar Charger – At this point there is no excuse not to have another way to charge your phones. While you’re moving around like a madman why not hit two birds with one stone. This portable solar charger is enough to charge your phone fully 2-3 times, is drop-proof AND is waterproof AND comes with a bright LED flashlight built-in AND a compass if you desire.

8. Baby Wipes – It’s a pretty widely-known fact that showers are a luxury on the road and while some festivals may provide places to shower (that’s the more established festivals), if you know you’re not going to get a shower anytime soon, baby wipes are the way to go. These wipes do the job, leave no scent and prevent you from rashes and developing a bad case of BO. No one wants to smell your pits especially if you’re all stuck in a small van, which will not make a pleasant trip for anyone.

9. Condoms – Yeah, yeah I know what you’re gonna say. Condoms are a good cheap alternative to protect your phones/camera/any small electronics from getting wet. Slip them in and peace of mind ensues. Most festivals will pass them out for free otherwise in any event you better be stocked up.

 10. Cell Phone Booster
Depending on your provider and where you’re at, you will have either decent signal coverage or very, very weak to almost no signal. It’s important to be reachable at any time so if you think you’re not going to have signal, this cheap gold sticker, slapped on the inside or outside of your phone should improve the signal strength on your device.