Arnie Weil

Master Tour version: PROFESSIONAL

Quick Bio: Originally from Chicago, Arnie has been a Master Tour user since 2014, Tour Managing multiple artists such as Gregory Alan Isakov, Goth Babe, Com Truise, and more.


5 Q’s:

  1. How many years have you been on the road? Who are you out with now?
    I have been on the road for plus or minus 7.5 years. I currently am the Tour Manager / Production Manager for Gregory Alan Isakov and Goth Babe.
  2. What did you miss most about touring while not being on the road these past few years?
    I missed the road family camaraderie, the yell of the crowd when the lights go dark, and the live music!
  3. Do you have any touring superstitions?
    You know… not really. I tend to stay away from superstitions. Less of any reason for something to potentially go wrong. Things go wrong all the time and it’s our job to problem solve on the fly. I haven’t had any superstitions passed down to me, but if any do arise, I will be sure to let you know!
  4. Any touring tips or hacks? Any touring mantras or mottos to live by?
    The one thing that I ALWAYS take with me on every tour and job I do, is my positive attitude. As a “leader” of whatever touring entity you’re a part of, your attitude trickles down to the rest. A mantra and motto I’ve always lived by are to just keep that positive attitude and keep it light. Yes, there can be some horrible situations and some extremely crusty crew folks, diva band members, people that try to get under your skin… kill it with kindness. Musicians and road crew want to be around good, caring people, they want to have fun and get the job done right. There’s no room for crusty and rude people. I’m mind blown when I meet rude people on the road, I’m not sure how they have jobs but they do. I stay humble, stay kind and try to do it all with a smile on my face.
  5. What are you currently listening to?
    Is it sad to say I listen to my artists a lot? I love my discover weekly, it’s hard to say what I currently listen to… some mornings it’s jazz, other days it’s pop. It all changes based on my emotions that day.


“Man, I love touring. I love being knee-deep in the mud and I wouldn’t trade this job for anything else in the world. Quite frankly I would have no idea what to do if I didn’t have this. Could be a sad remark, but it’s a passion and I’m living in a dream. Cannot wait for bigger and better things to continue to come. If you cross me on the road, come say hi, give me a high five. We’re fricken lucky we get to call this our job. Stay safe out there and show compassion. We don’t know what others are going through and we have music to help us all heal in whatever shape or way it does.”

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