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  • 5Q’s with Eventric Master Tour User: Richard Battaglia (Bela Fleck, New Grass Revival)

    photo credit: Yu Pe   Master Tour version: PROFESSIONAL “I was always printing tour books at Kinkos – 11:00pm when the bus was leaving at midnight! Then the big change came – iPhones were everywhere and the switch to Adobe Air meant no more printing itineraries. I was free! everyone gets all the current information as […]

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  • 5Q’s with Eventric Master Tour User: Ashley “PK” Mogayzel (I’m With Her, WILCO)

    Master Tour version: PROFESSIONAL “I spend a lot of time on MasterTour between the desktop and phone app. It’s really helped to organize the tours I work on and seamlessly distribute the information to everyone that needs it. I think the best part is that it can adapt to any level of touring just by […]

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  • 5Q’s with Eventric Master Tour User: Scrote (Celebrating David Bowie/Sessions)

    Master Tour version: MOBILE “I love Master Tour! Being able to access or share daily tour or locale info weeks out or in the moment with everyone on the road or in offices is just amazing. I’m anxious to see what else Master Tour brings to our touring worlds in the coming years.” Quick Bio: […]

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  • 5Q’s with Eventric Master Tour user: Paul Barker (Ministry/Puscifer)

    Master Tour version: MOBILE “I found Master Tour indispensable for touring with more than three people. The app is easy to use and has become second nature to touring.” Quick Bio: Paul Ion Barker is a producer, composer, and touring musician. His extensive production and writing work with Ministry extended from 1985 through 2004. He […]

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  • Tour Hacks – Turo vs. The Big 3

    Turo vs. The Big 3 Car Rental Companies By Scott Ellis As a frequent traveler, I see myself in my share of rental cars these days. There were years where I spent my days on a bus and in the venue and never touched a rental car, except for my days off. Sometimes, I would […]

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  • Master Tour Profiled in Performer

    Performer Magazine is running a great piece about Master Tour and all of the cool new features that we’re rolling out this year, including our newly-announced Tagging functionality! Check out the full article here –  

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  • Tour Hacks – Cracking First Class

    I want to write today to talk about the idea of flying first/business class vs. economy. Most people automatically assume that first/business class is out of range and reserved for a certain bracket of person. This is absolutely not true. It really comes down to doing your research. The first rule of first class (or […]

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  • Eventric Helps The World’s Musicians Tour

    Check out this great article about Eventric in this week’s Chicago Tribune! “Kanye. Beyonce. Bruno Mars. Tour managers for those stars and other artists increasingly rely on Chicago-based Eventric to help them get from city to city. AC/DC, Anthrax, the Beach Boys, Jay-Z, Keith Urban, Rihanna and Trombone Shorty are among the groups Eventric […]

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  • Tour Hacks by Scott Ellis – The Budget Tourʼs Best Friend

    The Budget Tourʼs Best Friend Is Priceline. By Scott Ellis For years I have used Priceline as my ‘go toʼ hotel source. Not just because itʼs cheaper than going through an agent, but because I immediately get the receipts and my band/crew can check themselves in and put their own card down for incidentals. This saves […]

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  • Improving Your Mental Health on the Road

    Ryan George over at This Tour Life has just released a great article about mental heath, fatigue, and the problems of excessive stress on the road. You can read up on the warning signs and some great techniques to help you take control through coping strategies, dietary supplements, and closer monitoring of your health – […]

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