Here at Eventric we work with countless music industry vendors, from rehearsal studios to catering companies. The fine folks working in the hotel industry have a large part in making sure bands and their crews are kept looking good and revitalized while touring. Kerry Parmley, Entertainment Sales Manager at The Peninsula Chicago has been taking care of bands at her hotels since 1999 and is considered one of the best in the business. Here is a little look into how she got her start, and the exciting challenges of working within the music industry.

How did your relationship with the touring industry start?

I started my career at The Ritz-Carlton/Four Seasons working with Terry Barcia who was very connected in the entertainment world and everyone loved her. I worked alongside Terry for 3 years. During that time, I built strong relationships with tour managers and travel agents with whom are still friends today. When Terry resigned, I took over the entertainment market and handled it for many years before leaving in 2014 to take a position with the Peninsula Chicago where my current role is Entertainment, Sports and Diplomatic Sales Manager.

Were you involved with any previous lines of work that made this a natural pairing?

Honestly, I had no idea what went on in the touring industry before taking the job at The Ritz-Carlton/Four Seasons. I am so lucky to have found this career because I love what I do! I have had so many amazing experiences over the years and have met great people along the way.

What are the challenges that you’ve found in working with bands & touring groups?

I am not going to deny that there can be some challenges, but honestly I look at them as opportunities to enhance an experience or to solve a problem, not as a challenge. I take my job very seriously and thrive on making sure everything is as perfect as possible and I exceed all expectations.

What are some unique elements about how you prepare for and provide for bands & touring groups?

I think what sets me apart is I am 24/7 and will do whatever it takes to ensure a group has an enjoyable stay and everyone leaves happy.

What are the things that you do to make artists’ stays more comfortable?

The staff at The Peninsula Chicago is amazing. I could not do my job and be successful if it were not for the people I work with that take their jobs as seriously as I do. Every staff member that interacts with the guests are very professional and really have a “yes” mentality.

What are the best stories that you have about artists staying at the Peninsula? Anything you can share?
I do have a lot of great stories, but I take privacy very seriously, so I am not able to share anything, but let’s just say nothing surprises me anymore. After the groups depart I frequently hear feedback on how amazing the service was and that they love our product.

How has technology changed the way that you interact with your entertainment customers/guests?

It has changed a lot over the years! Everyone is so busy, so I find that almost all of my interactions are via email until the group gets to the hotel.

We just finished a multi-million dollar guestroom renovation where technology was the main focus. Our rooms are amazing! The look has drastically changed and now features VOIP (complimentary phone calls anywhere in the world), 3 tablets in all of the rooms that control the temperature, lighting, have over 3500+ publications, radio stations from around the world and can be translated into 11 languages.

What types of tools could be added to make things easier for you and your customers?

The greatest tool for me and the hotel is to have as much information as quickly as possible so we can be prepared for the group’s arrival.

Kerry can be reached at 312-573-6606 –