Eventric is a technology supporter of the people and mission of the Event Safety Alliance.  This group was formed late last year by live event industry leaders to address the causes of high profile concert disasters such as the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair last summer.

Recently, the ESA held a meeting in Indianapolis, hosted by Gov. Mitch Daniels.  The group advocated for the adoption of “The Purple Guide”, a cross-functional safety guide published in the UK:

A driving force behind the organization is Jim Digby (the Director of Touring and Production Management for Linkin Park) and I think he sums up the mission best:

Over 11,000 shows were successfully produced without incident…there were five catastrophic events around the world where fans were critically injured or perished; one incident of this nature is too many.

It is absolutely overwhelming to sit down and confront the silos of standards, disciplines, procedures, and parties involved with the production of live events – especially ones with temporary structures and exposure to weather conditions.  Deciphering this labyrinth and putting out cross-functional guides is part of the mission of the ESA.

Like all industry organizations, the success of the Event Safety Alliance depends on the participation and awareness of industry members. Your support by participating in the debate, adopting new processes, and spreading the word is the only way to implement change. It is an organization I hope all of our users will support.

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