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  • Master Tour Update – 2.1.193

    We’ve just released a major new update to Master Tour! With our latest version of the desktop application (ver 2.1.193) you can now access and import every Venue, Hotel, and Promoter in the world! our new & improved integrated search function has been augmented to include an online API which will retrieve data from global […]

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  • Eventric Industry User Profile – Kerry Parmley

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  • Master Tour User Profile – Daniel McKay

    How long have you been a Tour Manager? How did you get your start? I started Tour Managing in about 2003/2004. I got hired on a tour as a FOH engineer and 3 months into the tour, the Tour Manager quit. I had always been interested in the production side of things and wanted to […]

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  • Eventric Tour Manager Meet Up at SXSW – Fri Mar 18

    Anyone going to SXSW this week? Let us know! Eventric has organized a meet up for all of our users. The event will take place this Friday, March 18th – 12:30pm at the Austin Convention Center. Please join us to discuss our upcoming developments for Master Tour and share your ideas of what you’d like […]

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  • Event Safety Alliance Announces the Return of the Severe Weather Summit

    Continuing with their mission to provide the live event industry with relevant & practical learning opportunities, the Event Safety Alliance is excited to announce the return of the Severe Weather Summit, March 8-9, 2016 at the National Weather Center’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. The Severe Weather Summit is a two-day weather awareness and […]

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  • Master Tour User Profile – Scott Cadwallader

    How did you get your start? When I was nineteen I moved with a few friends from a small town in Pennsylvania to Hollywood. They were in a metal band and felt LA provided the best opportunity to get a record deal and be successful. Unfortunately, like many bands that moved to LA they never […]

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  • Impresario of the Moment – Joe Shanahan, Owner of Metro and Smart Bar

    New City Music is running a great profile of Joe Shanahan and his amazing influence on the Chicago music scene for decades now, and his ideas & projects moving forward. Check out the full piece –

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  • Stay Healthy on the Road and at Home! (Health Care Integration for Touring Professionals)

    Eventric is excited to announce our new partnership with Wellvia. Wellvia is an industry leader in the emerging Telehealth space, where they utilize the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical health care at 24/7, 365 in all 50 States! WellVia’s Telehealth platform creates a remote doctor consultation with a U.S. based board-certified […]

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  • Fort Knox Studio – Giant North Side Studio Complex

    Every touring band should know about this place. 140,000 Square feet of rehearsal and recording space, located right here in Chicago!

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    We’ve recently partnered with, which is a non-profit organization that helps register voters at live music events. They’ve also been working behind-the-scenes to help musicians and the touring community sort out their health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. They’ve set up a 24-hour hotline at 919-264-0418 and will help run a workshop […]

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