Master Tour version: PROFESSIONAL

“I spend a lot of time on MasterTour between the desktop and phone app. It’s really helped to organize the tours I work on and seamlessly distribute the information to everyone that needs it. I think the best part is that it can adapt to any level of touring just by entering as much, or as little, information that’s necessary for the current run. Added bonus: they’re always open to recommendations from touring folks on what MT features would help us on the road. ”

Quick Bio: Tour Manager Ashley “PK” Mogayzel has worked on the road for years, helping bands like Deer Tick, Tweedy, WILCO, Knives, and I’m With Her produce some of the most electrifying and heralded rock shows out there. We were excited to sit down with her for a quick minute to discuss her early days and stan-out favorites of her touring life.

5 Q’s:

  1. What is your favorite venue to play and why? My first instinct is to say Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. That could be because I’m based in Chicago, or because I just finished a run there last week, or because it’s an awesome venue run by an awesome crew.
  2. What three items do you absolutely need when on tour? Coffee – preferably cold brew, my cell phone, and a bathing suit, though I hardly ever get to use it.
  3. What is your secret to staying healthy on the road? Getting outside to explore at least once a day, whether that’s a run to the bank in the rain or a stroll through a city I’ve never been to before.
  4. What was your first touring gig and when? Merch Manager for The Colourist, in 2013, supporting The Naked and Famous.
  5. What’s your ideal city to have a day off? Why? I’ve had some of my favorite days off in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a beautiful city and easy to get around. I recommend the Torvehallerne food hall and strolling along the Nyhavn canal.

I’ll be out with I’m With Her in the US, Europe, and Australia until Wilco starts back up in June! I’ve never been to Australia before, so I’m pretty excited about that.

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