Master Tour version: MOBILE

“I love Master Tour! Being able to access or share daily tour or locale info weeks out or in the moment with everyone on the road or in offices is just amazing. I’m anxious to see what else Master Tour brings to our touring worlds in the coming years.”

Quick Bio: Angelo “Scrote” Bundini has created, produced, & performed in high grossing, critically acclaimed tours around the globe with the support of a who’s who in entertainment including Sting, Seal, Todd Rundgren, Gary Oldman, Adrian Belew, and countless others. He is a musician’s musician and an expert communicator at delivering high end musical experiences into the live arena.

5 Q’s:

  1. What is your favorite venue to play and why? Oddly, I’m not as intrigued by the venues themselves as much as I am what I’m doing there. If I’m not fully engaged on stage, I’m notgoing to be happy no matter what venue it is. That said, the Sydney Opera House has to be at the top of my list currently. I performed two sold out shows in the round there in 2017 with Celebrating David Bowie. I had a roster of about 40-50 performers coming and going over the course of 4 hours in that show and the openness of the SOH stage made it feel like more of animmersive experience with the crowd rather than playing ‘at’ them. More like an interactivestreet parade in the best possible way rather than a staged show. Also, one of the bestbackstage views of anywhere I’ve ever played.
  2. What three items do you absolutely need when on tour? I have three golden rules for the road. Always a hat. Always a swimsuit. Always a great worldwide phone/internet plan. Among other things, the last one allows me to use Master Tour effectively.
  3. What is your secret to staying healthy on the road? That’s a good question. As much sleep as possible. Whenever. Wherever. Over the last many years, I’ve also leaned into beingvegetarian or vegan as much as possible. Getting away from the entourage and exploring a city is a must. On foot makes for great exercise but even just getting out for some fresh air and surroundings any which way is key. Being friendly connecting with locals is good for the soul too.
  4. What was your first touring gig and when? Well, at this point I can barely remember when allthis craziness started. I have generally always toured with my own original bands. That’s whereit all started for me. I think 1993 was my first taste of international touring. All over the US & Europe multiple times.
  5. What’s your ideal city to have a day off? Why? What do you recommend to do here? Ah,that’s a tough one and seems to change frequently. Recently, I’ve really enjoyed down time inTokyo, Sydney, and London. Perennial favorites though are Berlin, Paris, and NYC which have been hubs for me personally and professionally for about 25 years. I tend to gravitate to museums, religious sites, and anything that makes a particular city unique.

Currently, I’m expanding my touring team and performance roster quite a bit. We’ll be launching a large global concert series with many tours going at one time. It’s a large undertaking but I come from the school of go big or go home.

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