We reached a milestone last month by signing up our 10,000th user on our tour management platform, Master Tour. It’s now powering thousands of artists and tours, helping everyone on the road be more productive and informed. We’re sending a big thank you to all of our users over the years that have helped us make Master Tour the best, most widely used Tour Management system in the entertainment industry. Two and half years ago we re-invented Master Tour and we’re not done adding features and improvements. Please keep your feedback coming, we count on it!

Here are some of the numbers:3,600+ unique Artists in Master Tour

  • 36,000+ active events create in Maser Tour this year alone
  • 11,000+ registered users.
  • 15,000+ database of trusted venues, hotels, and industry vendors
  • 100’s of Crew Profiles (added daily)
  • 26 countries with user accounts


New (unedited!) customer testimonials:



“I’ve been using Master Tour for over 7 years. On a tour the size of the Black Keys, it’s invaluable. My band, crew and management office are all on the same page with information that changes every hour. Now with Master Tour Mobile on iPhones and Androids we’re even more connected. I wont tour without it. ”




Jim Runge, Tour Manager, The Black Keys


Sheryl-Crow“As a narrow-minded, red-blooded male Tour Manager who’s been making a living at this far longer than ever expected, I don’t often believe that anyone is doing anything better than the way I do it. Imagine my surprise when I’ve been proven wrong. There is nothing that could propel a program quicker into our world than launching a smartphone app for it. That prime move took Master Tour from obscure nerdlore to a relevant touring staple. If you’re like me and you want a way to make available the ever evolving vital information in your head without having to talk to or even e-mail anyone- then this is how to do it. In fact I would go as far to suggest that you’re pathologically negligent if you don’t use it. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)”


Chris Hudson, Sheryl Crow Tour Management


big-time-rush“From the first advance call to the moment I step off the bus I rely on the Master Tour to keep my tour rolling. It helps me organize the most minor details and the big picture, plus now I have years of touring history in one place to reference. I also know that if I ever have a question there is always someone at Eventric available to help. I would recommend Master Tour to anybody who wants to stay organized on the road.”




Richie Voutselas – Production Manager – Big Time Rush