There are a lot of ways for artists to directly sell fans special items as add-ons to a show but now Bandsintown definitely offers the easiest and most effective. It is a new feature for the emerging Bandsintown Artist Platform.

What’s Bandsintown?

For those not familiar with Bandsintown, it is a leading application used by over 3 million music fans that lets fans track all the favorite artists based on their activity on iTunes, Pandora, Facebook, and Last.fm. Fans can connect to Bandsintown via Facebook, web, smartphone apps as well as receive customized email alerts. (It’s a fantastic app and I use it all the time to see what’s going on show-wise wherever I am.). Bandsintown service aggregates concert data from many sources (such as ticketing sites) and increasingly obtain data directly from the artist themselves. Bandsintown also has great social sharing features making it easier for fans to share their concert activity with friends.  The awesome mobile apps  include iPhone and Android.


The Bandsintown Artist Platform

For the artist, Bandsintown has a very flexible tool that makes it easy to manage their tour schedules, but also promote the tour dates to their fans. Artists enter their dates in one place and then can display that widget into their Facebook page as well as their own web site.  Bandsintown tour dates are easily promoted to fans via Facebook and Twitter, but also feed into many music services including BandPage, eMusic, Fanbridge, OneSheet, ReverbNation, Shazam, Soundhound, and Tracks.by.  For artist management firms, the Bandsintown platform lets one administrator manage several artists without having to login to different sites.

There are over 80,000 artists now using this tool including many of the artists using Master Tour. Here are some notable Bandsintown/Master tour artists with links to their Bandsintown tour page:

  • Bandsintown tour page:
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Foster The People
  • Young The Giant
  • Tim McGraw
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Citizen Cope
  • Barenaked Ladies

For more information or to sign up to Bandsintown, check out artists.bandsintown.com

New Specials Feature

Bandsintown partnered with Eventric to leverage our Live Access VIP ticketing platform to bring an additional capability to the Bandsintown Artist Platform – Specials: the ability to sell special items for an event.  Special items may include VIP tickets, fan packages, or merchandise.  It’s not meant to be a replacement for a merch site; instead it is another distribution channel to transact add-on offers right next to where over 3 million fans get their local concert information.  It works on the desktop web AND mobile.  It is extremely simple to set it up and start using (it takes less than 5 minutes to set up an offer and place it up for sale).

Bandsintown Specials are also distinguished from regular merch sites by its flexibility.  You can sell virtually anything with flexible fulfillment terms (shipped, pick up in-venue) and you can also offer different items for selected events or just sell the same items for a whole tour.  Fans make their purchase right on the artist’s Bandsintown tour dates page and there is no additional user ID or website that they have to go to.  There is a 10% service charge on all items sold through the Specials feature of Bandsintown. Get Started with Specials on Bandsintown