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Live Access is a ticketing system for the private distribution and retail sale of event tickets.  It is used by agencies, management companies, fanclubs and bands to efficiently and securely manage their "friends and family" VIP tickets.  

Instead of using spreadsheets, forms, and emails - use Live Access to ensure that the right guests get the right tickets and ensure that their experience dealing with your organization is a positive one.

Live Access is also an ideal solution for fanclub ticketing - you can choose to make fanclub tickets invite-only or available to the public (or a combination).  In addition to tickets, sell merch, MP3 downloads, meet-and-greet packages, and hotel/party packages.

Live Access works alongside existing box office ticketing system and can be up and running in 30 minutes - It's that simple!


Set Up Your Events

Enter your information

First enter your artist, company or group, and then you can customize the default system notifications, email templates, pass types and quantities to suit your needs.

Build your events

Next enter date and venue information for your tour or event. Our system can handle everything from a single-day event through a big world tour.

Adjust your settings

Adjust nearly every aspect of how your guests will interact with the system. Adjust status notifications, when to charge the guest's card, and how long the guest has to complete their order once invited.

Add supplementary items

Add merch, MP3 downloads, meet-and-greet packages, and hotel/party packages to your event.

Invite Your Guests

Select Your Guests

Live Access gives you the ability to invite selected guests. Each guest will have access to purchase tickets for an entire tour/events series or just a single event – at your discretion. You can invite guests individually, or invite a whole list at once.

Manage Price Levels

You have control over the price each guest will pay. You can price tickets from complimentary up through full retail, and can adjust the associated fees to suit your needs as well.

Control Quantities and Access Levels

With Live Access, you can dictate the maximum number of tickets each invitee is allowed to purchase.

Manage Your Requests

Approve Ticket Requests

Our request management tools give you total control over your guest list and all ticket requests. Once a request has been submitted you can approve or deny each order and have the option to do so in bulk, if needed. Live Access displays a complete list of all the requests for the entire tour, or you can filter to view requests for a specific date or invitee.

Administrative Control

The administrator accesses the the request to make any changes, including adjustments to the amount of tickets, or changing the requestors credit card information. Approving the request will trigger an automated email to the guest alerting them of the status and ticking details.

Reporting and Settlement

Exporting Your Final List

Your final guest list report can then be exported to excel or saved as a PDF to be sent to the box office or will call.


Eventric has a variety of reports and methods for settling shows. We can wire funds each show or settle on a schedule defined by you.

Live Access Video

Watch this short overview video about the Live Access VIP ticketing system:



Get Live Access

We offer both a service charge per ticket plan or a fixed charge per month plan, depending on whether or not you are charging for your tickets or comp'ing them for your guests,

We also charge a credit card processing fee. Funds are wired to your account upon settlement.

To order Live Access or talk to one of our sales specialists, please email us at sales@eventric.com or call us 9am - 5pm CST at 773-862-4246.