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Quick Bio: Paul Ion Barker is a producer, composer, and touring musician. His extensive production and writing work with Ministry extended from 1985 through 2004. He has been involved with bringing a wide range of other musical projects into fruition: Lard, Pailhead, Revolting Cocks, Flowering Blight, USSA, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness, Malekko, Lead into Gold…and most recently as a touring member of Puscifer.

Barker is the co-owner/cofounder of Malekko Heavy Industry Corporation, a guitar effects pedal/euro rack synthesizer module manufacturing company growing steadily since 2006. Malekko Heavy Industry, based in Portland, is held in high esteem by professional musicians worldwide.

Paul released a Lead into Gold album and did a full US/Canada tour last year.

5 Q’s:

  1. What is your favorite venue to play and why? Paramount Northwest in Seattle. I grew up in Seattle, saw many great shows there, love the building, and knew I would play my own shows there. It’s nostalgic and extremely satisfying for me to play there.
  2. What three items do you absolutely need when on tour? In-ear monitors, phone, The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Hall
  3. What is your secret to staying healthy on the road? Stay away from sycophants and ignore assholes.
  4. What was your first touring gig and when? The Blackouts, circa 1983
  5. What’s your ideal city to have a day off? Why? What do you recommend to do here? Any major city where I can see things I’ve never seen before, and if I don’t understand the language, the better. I’m interested in architecture, art, food, and I love to walk around and see what people have chosen to do with their society.

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