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Master Tour 1671 and Blackberry Update Available

Written by Jason Hinkle on Thursday, 10 June 2010. Posted in blog, master tour

Thank you for your continued feedback!

Master Tour build 1671 is available, as always simply restart Master Tour and you’ll be prompted to upgrade.

 This version includes improvements to several printed reports including the travel report and tour book daily page.  The book now has an option to remove the venue type/capacity block and utilize the space for the schedule.  This is something that a lot of people have asked about in order to fit more schedule items onto the tour book.  There is an option to remove the “notes” page on template tour books as well, which has been requested by several groups.

In addition to the desktop client, our Blackberry application has gotten a minor update that fixes issues with dates being cut 


off.  To install it, simply open the browser on your device to and click the installation link.

As a final note, Adobe has today released AIR 2, the framework used to build the user interface (UI) of Master Tour.  We’ve been testing with the beta versions of AIR 2, however Adobe released the final version without any advance notice to developers and so we have not had a chance to fully test it.  So far there does not seem to be any problems.  AIR 2 is a very exciting release because Adobe has added some really incredible features that we can use to make Master Tour finally interact more fully with other applications on your desktop.  We’ll be taking advantage of these features as much as possible.

Thank you for your continued feedback!

Master Tour Mobile BlackBerry Application Now Available!

on Thursday, 04 March 2010. Posted in blog, master tour

Free to existing Master Tour users.

bb_device_datesWe’ve just released our new Master Tour Mobile BlackBerry application to complement our widely used iPhone app. We’re making our new BlackBerry mobile app available for free to existing Master Tour users and you can download it now on our new site for all things mobile:

Master Tour Mobile is the portable companion to Eventric’s Master Tour – it provides access to your tours, itinerary dates, schedules, contacts, hotels, maps and more all on your BlackBerry or smartphone device. We’ve made significant improvements in our new mobile app – more information displayed, faster, improved interface, and in-app functional links to phone numbers and email addresses. The only thing you need to access your Master Tour data is to be an active subscriber (Enterprise, Single User, or Premium.) We are offering Premium accounts (read-only data access) at no charge for a limited time, so you can get anyone in your organization with a BlackBerry up and running now for free! To sign-up for a Premium subscription, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Android, iPhone, and Other Smartphone Users

We are currently working on native applications for Android and other smartphone devices. Until the development of these applications is complete, you can access your current tour data through the Master Tour Mobile Site using the browser on your mobile device. You can connect to our mobile site at


Our iPhone application is still available for free to all active Master Tour subscribers and can be found at the iTunes app store: 8.