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Master Tour Testimonials

on Thursday, 06 February 2014. Posted in eventric, customers, blog, master tour

“Master Tour has saved me countless hours both at home while advancing, and on the road. The artists love the real time updates and I love everyone always being in the know on the details and changes that happen every day.  Master Tour has become just as essential to my touring as my laptop and cell phone.”
-Jason Hecht - FUN., Guster


“Master Tour is an invaluable tool for our tour to stay organized with people in multiple offices and locations.  Our schedule is always changing and Master Tour allows us to keep everyone updated without 8 million questions everyday.”   
-Curt Jenkins- Production Manager - Lady Antebellum


"Master Tour is a wonderful tool for organizing our tour and communicating with all 120 member of our staff. It is highly recommended.”
-Alan Floyd - Tour Manager, Beyonce


"Incomparable.  Nothing else in the industry holds a candle.  I've converted 30 year tour veterans to using their phone instead of hard copies for day sheets and tour books!  So user friendly that anyone can figure it out!”
-Misty Roberts - Production Coordinator- Metallica, Bruno Mars

“Master Tour by Eventric is AMAZING! gonna be using this on the upcoming Spring 2014 Epic Proportions Tour!!!!”
-Gabe Kubanda - Epic Proportions Tour


“Master Tour simplifies road life. It keeps our tour organized and efficient and keeps the band and crew updated on all info.” - Tim Krieg - Tour Manager - Mötley Crüe, Lady Antebellum

“From the Eventric staff to the software, Master Tour Database is awesome.”
Donovan Haney -  Tour Manager - The Expendables


“Master Tour is a great tool in the office as well as on the road. We love master tour, it finally gives us a way to keep ALL of our clients information in one place with easy access for anyone who needs details. The customer service from the master tour team has been beyond exceptional.”
Vince Schultz - Bill Silva Management


“I used your program on last summers Big Country Tour(80's Scottish Rockers) and again on a Fall run with BoDeans. I will not tour with out you in my computer and phone!!  You make life very easy!! Love it!!”
Jan P. Janvier - Tour Manager


“I love Master Tour, been touring with it for over 6 years!  It’s so easy even our bus drivers use it!”
Matthew Petroff - Tour Manager - Jonas Brothers, Jackson Guthy


“It is both user friendly and also an economical way to organize a tour…. Master Tour is currently the best thing out there!” 
  - Tim Combs - Winter Jam Tour


“I think Master Tour is an amazing program and I tell everyone I see on the road to use it.”  
 - Stuart Berk - Tour / Production Coordinator - Young The Giant


“I use Master Tour with every tour I work with.  Wouldn’t leave home without it!”  
- Scott Cadwallader - Tour Manager/Accountant Jack Johnson, Pretty Lights


“I’m not even sure how I kept things organized before I was introduced to Master Tour. I have three different artist in play and having all of them in the Master Tour system helps me keep up with routing, guest lists and advancing with out having to shuffle tons of files and paper. I also love that we can move our tours towards being green and not fussing with multiple binders. Building day sheets is easier than ever, and having our staff lists available in the phone app is great for things that happen on the fly.” 

- Adriane Biondo - Production Coordinator - The Black Keys


"Master Tour has absolutely changed the way we tour.  From schedules to guest list, everything is done far more efficiently and green then ever before. From the staff to the software Master Tour Database is awesome."  - Donovan Haney - Silverback Management 


"Master Tour is hands down the best way I know to keep everyone else in the loop and myself organized on tour.  Band members have instant access to their schedule, management can add guests to the list directly, and I have all my contact info on hand each day.  These factors alone save me tons of time and help keep things on track.  Much more under the hood." - Chris Phillips
Tour Manager- Afghan Whigs, Sky Ferreira, Squirrel Nut Zippers 


"Master Tour by Eventric is an integral part of my touring. I have replaced tour books with the app you can download for free. It keeps my band and staff completely up to date on all touring and travel information. I cannot recommend this highly enough to all tour/production managers."
Stephen Shaw-Buckcherry/Backstreet Boys

"No matter what size the tour has been, I have relied on Master Tour over the past years to keep my tours organized and rolling.  The fact that Master Tour keeps my clients, crew and management all on the same page with all the information of the tour and the changes makes Master Tour an invaluable tool and I highly recommend it.  I have even started to incorporate Master Tour with my advances for the regional shows with the promoter I am working with now."
- Christopher Fox - Jillian Michaels "Maximize Your Life Tour 2014"-Production Manager/FOH


"I’ve been an advocate of Master Tour Database (MTD) almost since its inception.  I’ve used the various versions and watched it grow as did the technology it took to support MTD, especially as industry driven technology grew.  I’m now using MTD on a regular basis and feel that the technology has finally caught up to MTD as MTD has always been way ahead of its time.  Now with the wide use of the iPhone and iPad apps, I even have artists themselves using MTD as a daily tool.  MTD is the only live touring tour database application that can cover all aspects of what tour managers, production managers and tour accountants need to make their jobs streamlined and give all positions on the tour including the support crew the ability dial into the minutia involved with a successful tour.  I applaud Eventric, and I’m extremely happy with the impact it has made on the live touring industry.  Keep up the good work!"
- Judd White Tour Manager - Tour Accountant KANYE WEST

Walk The Moon and Young the Giant Office Visit

on Friday, 24 February 2012. Posted in customers, blog

Band and crew stop by for some tacos and ping pong

The band and crew of Walk the Moon stopped by this week for some Big Star tacos and an impromptu ping pong tournament, won in decisive fashion by the seasoned Eventric staffers.

Tour Managers Blake O'Brien of Walk the Moon and Stu Berk from Young the Giant sat down with Eventric's Paul Bradley and Brian Carpizo for a short video interview (which we will post next week.)

Walk The Moon with Eventric's Lauren Henney and John Lombardo.

Check out Walk The Moon's appearance earlier this month on Last Call with Carson Daly:

Eventric Swag Party

Written by Paul Bradley on Wednesday, 08 June 2011. Posted in eventric, blog

Want Free Swag? FB or Twitter us for free t-shirts!

Members of our staff (John Lombardo and Lauren Henney) designed some cards and t-shirts that arrived yesterday.  The t-shirts came out great and Eventric's Lauren Tolliver and the headless Lauren Henney modeled the two shirts.

For a limited time, we're shipping out free t-shirts if you tweet or FB us.  We're also giving them out to all the people we meet out in Chicago or wherever we are.

Young the Giant says Master Tour "Essential" in Mashable Post

Written by Brian Carpizo on Thursday, 14 April 2011. Posted in blog, customers, master tour

Guitarist Eric Cannata suggests fellow musicians check out Master Tour.

Eventric Master Tour users Young the Giant were recently interviewed on the popular tech blog Mashable for their Music Monday series.  The topic was "Young the Giant's 6 Essential Apps for Bands on Tour" and they had this to say about Master Tour:


3). Master Tour: Guitarist Eric Cannata suggests that fellow musicians check out tour management tool and mobile app [iTunes link] Master Tour if they want to stay on track while on the road. “It gets you out of a pickle,” Tilley interjects.


We always get feedback from the power users (tour/production managers etc.) so it is nice to hear when artists notice that things run more smoothly when using Master Tour.


Here's a live version of their song "My Body" - enjoy.



Weird Al's Favorite App: Master Tour - An American Public Media Interview

Written by Brian Carpizo on Monday, 07 February 2011. Posted in blog, customers, master tour

"Weird Al" Yankokic chats about his love of Master Tour mobile.


We knew that "Weird Al" Yankovic was a user of Master Tour but were not aware until last weekend that he picked it as his favorite app on a national public radio program last week!  In fact, Master Tour was the subject of an interview with the legendary pop culture music satirist on the American Public Media program "Marketplace" - a program with over 8 million listeners on a weekly basis.

As expected, "Weird Al" was both effusive and funny in his praise of Master Tour but I think he may have jumped the gun a bit when claiming that a "dead hooker" and "groupie" feature was on the way in the next update.  (Maybe not this next one but you never know...)

 You can listen to the full interview going to the Marketplace show site here or just click the play button below.  Written excerpts from the show are below.  Great stuff and thanks to "Weird Al" Yankovic and American Public Media's John Moe for a nice interview.  (And click here to see when the "Weird Al" tour will be near your town.)


JOHN: Weird Al Yankovic is with us and Al you travel the world, you have a mobile phone, what app has made a difference in your life?

AL YANKOVIC: Well I have to say the app that has been the most critical to my career has been a app...which I like to call because that's the name of it - Master Tour Mobile.


weird-al-yankovic-grammyAL Y: It's an app which the name would apply that would help you figure out what's going on on any given tour. I have to say that I don't use it a lot when I'm not on the road, but when I am on the road it's pretty indispensable because you know being on the road – what I like about being on the road is that it is brainless. I like that because when I'm home in LA I have to think all the time; being on the road you don't want to have to use your brain and that's why you're told.

JOHN: You do what you're told, right?

AL Y: You do what you're told. You're a puppet, you're a puppet on the road and Master Tour Mobile answers all your questions. Everything you need to know is on your iPhone. It's great because I'll wake-up and I'll roll over,  "Master Tour Mobile what city am I in? Scranton? Thank you Master Tour Mobile." It tells you everything. The tour manager will input all the information into it. I think there's a master program called Master Tour Desktop I think it's called, so the tour manager will put every little bit of information into that you know about the hotels, about the venue, about the city, and then as soon as he updates something everybody in the band, everybody in the crew will have that information on their iPhone so it's great. Because usually in the old days they would print out itineraries prior to a tour, which you know I think going to Master Tour Mobile we've saved seven or eight trees I think by now because we're not printing out all these itineraries.

JOHN: They used to be on parchment scrolls, right?

"I have to say the app that has been the most critical to my career has been Master Tour Mobile."

"Weird Al" Yankovic


AL Y: Yeah, [laughs] the Dead Sea Tour.

Why You Should Make More Live Albums

on Tuesday, 09 November 2010. Posted in blog, opinion

It's not about the sound anymore....

deep_purpleWhen I was a kid I remember listening to my sister's copy of Deep Purple Live in Japan. I'd sit in between the speakers as if they were a giant pair of mahogany headphones, imagining I was in the audience. The sound quality and the accompanying photographic work was superb, not to mention the packaging – double vinyl gatefold sleeve! 

The main thrust of live albums (up until fairly recently) was capturing someone else's moment, someone else's sound (that someone else, of course, being the band). For our rock heroes (Metallica, AC/DC, Prince, Led Zeppelin), the live album was the highlight of their careers – capturing not only a better, more adrenalized version of themselves and their songs, but also bottling a national (or sometimes worldwide) feeling. It also gave them a chance to illustrate their true intent perhaps more accurately than with they did on the album with the aid of a poorly chosen producer (Joy Division might be a good example of that).

johnnycashbootlegIt's not about the sound anymore....

Before I really delve into things, let me preface this. I'm not saying that the iconic live albums of the past are not still iconic for a variety of reasons. They are. Rather, the motivation of the fan to own the music has changed dramatically. Let's take a couple who met not on the night The Who recorded Live at Leeds, but two nights later at the Manchester show. For them, a shitty cassette that the now husband surreptitiously recorded on a Radio Shack portable with a crappy stereo mic is ten times more important TO THEM than the hi-fidelity version of the Leeds performance.

How do you explain to someone who just finished listening to Johnny Cash's Live At Folsom Prison album that you actually MUCH prefer a bootleg recording of him ordering large fries and a milk shake from a drive-through on Highway 5 two days later – because you were there!

11 MORE (of 29) Tips Touring Bands Can Do Now To Make a Difference

on Tuesday, 05 October 2010. Posted in blog, opinion

Using Eventric at the office to help make sense of the insane amount of our events that are happening around the world.

whitestripes_bus12. Small is the new huge.

Always choose the smaller venue. The WORST thing that can happen is that the show SELLS OUT! Put a sign up, leave a crowd on the street prompting cries of, "who's playing there tonight?" Create the opportunity to place a great big SOLD OUT splash on your web page. No one (except us) will ever call to ask the capacity of the venue. Two hundred people in a room that holds 750 is a catastrophe. Put those same people in a 150 capacity bar and it's a riot! 

13. Make cool shit.

Make your work VIBRATE with your unique energy and your creative DNA. There are so many benefits to unique packaging: it makes you stand out from the competition, it's a great exercise for the band to think more clearly about what it is that you are (heavy, shiny, soft and furry, cuddly, nasty, rusty, etc), and that's how things get viral! Make sure that the answer to the question, "Do I want to open this package and check out what's inside?" is YES!

14. Use good tools and the Internet, find out where your fans are - and play there.

It's easier to deal with problems of equipment, staging, or no dressing room than it is to be well taken care of, but not have anyone buy a ticket. (We like Reverb Nation's Fan 360, Google Analytics, The Orchard's Heat map and YouTube Insight.) Pay for stuff that works for you – we are using Eventric at the office to help make sense of the insane amount of our events that are happening around the world.

15. Monetize the thing around the thing you used to sell.

Get over the boring concept of trying to sell music. BMW runs an ad campaign with the slogan, "We sell JOY!" Zappos is "delivering happiness." What is your band/brand selling? If your answer is nothing – then you just don't get it. And you won't get any. Create a need and fill it! Don't let a German car company beat your ass in the groovy-ness conceptual turn around Olympics. Think, create, accumulate, stimulate!

Ticketmaster blogs, but fans still want one throat to choke (and TM’s not it)

Written by Brian Carpizo on Tuesday, 31 August 2010. Posted in blog, live access, opinion

The live music industry needs to go much farther to improve relations with fans.

homer_choke_bartLast week Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard shocked the industry by not only creating TM’s first blog but issuing some honest mea culpas regarding their oft-derided pricing policies - the amount and the timing of the “service charges” that can often be as much as 50% of the face value of a concert ticket.  He promised to reform those practices.

Great job.  But people are still pissed and Mr. Hubbard and TM don't control all the parts of the puzzle. The live music industry needs to go much farther to improve relations with fans.  Let’s start by doing one thing - go away.

I don’t mean the artists.  But I do mean pretty much everyone else (unless you are a venue that brings in traffic regardless of artist).  People want to see artists and have a good experience.  They don’t give a rat’s ass about anybody else.  It’s about the talent and the venue, not everyone that put on the show.

Promoters, booking agents, ticketing companies, tour management software companies and everybody else plays a HUGE role in conceiving, producing, and operating a show.  But they are not the brand that the consumers connect to.