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New Master Tour Web Portal for Desktop and Mobile

Written by Jason Hinkle on Friday, 20 August 2010. Posted in blog, master tour

Access tour itineraries from your desktop or mobile device.

New Master Tour Web Portal for Desktop and Mobile

We are excited to announce the launch of our new portal site which provides real-time access to your profile information and tour itineraries.  The site has been designed for accessibility on desktop and mobile device.  The portal is available to all subscription levels - Premium, Single-User and Enterprise.  Try it out at

New Features: 

portal_mobileHere are some of the things that you can do at

Access tour itineraries from your desktop or mobile device.  We've done a lot of testing to ensure the site looks great on any device.  Smart phones like the iPhone, Android and Blackberry will see a native-like appearance.  Users with older phones will see a great design that is scaled properly for small screens.  If you are accessing from your desk, it looks great on a regular browser too.

  • Create shortcuts directly to your tour dates for instant access while on the road.  We know that when you're on the road you don't want to type in long URLs and re-enter your login information over and over again.  We've made sure that you can bookmark any page of the site and return with just one click.  You have the option to save your username and password on your device so you won't need to re-type it.
  • Manage your subscription, billing information and "child" accounts.  If your organization is paying for multiple team members, you can now view and manage those relationships on the portal site.
  • Manage public profile information.  As we move towards more integration you will be able to control how your information appears to other Master Tour users.

More on the Way:

The portal is already packed with features that have been requested by our customers.  But we're nowhere near finished.  Over time we'll be adding more and more features to the portal.  For Tour Managers, this means you will be able to distribute more real-time information to your users.  For crew and band members, this means you'll be able to stay up-to-the-minute with important tour information.

Your Suggestions:

Can you think of something that belongs on the portal site?  Is there a missing feature that would save you tons of time?  Let us know!  Click the "Send Feedback" button within Master Tour, submit a ticket through our online support site or just give us a call.

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Jason Hinkle

Jason Hinkle

Jason Hinkle is Eventric's VP of Development.  He is a gentleman coder and makes films and music videos on the side with the Curious Three Production Concern.  A real long time ago he was was the bassist and hype man of the national touring act The Baldwin Brothers. He tweets @jasonhinkle.

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