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Written by Jason Hinkle on Thursday, 03 November 2011. Posted in blog, master tour

All new tour book printing - editable templates

Master Tour 1.2 build 167 is available for download.   This is a soft-release meaning that it's not a forced update for those of you running version 1.2.150 or higher.  You can download the latest version from

If you're a long-time Master Tour user you'll notice right away that the installation process has changed and we now have native installers instead of the old .air file format.  This is significant because it opens up native features of the OS to us and we will start bringing in more great functionality in upcoming releases.  This update only has one small improvement which is report exports will open in your default system application instead of opening in your browser.  We're excited to bring more things like that to Master Tour!

One feature that we're particular interested in feedback is the new Export to MS Word feature for tour book printing.  We are well aware that tourbook printing has been a struggle for many users.  The main issue is the ability to edit the tourbook once it's been generated.  This new export feature solves this issue by exporting the tourbook in MS Word format where you're free to edit and tweak the design any way you choose.

Another isssue with tourbook printing is the ability to control which fields print and which don't.  We've struggled in the past creating layouts for differnet situations but the fact is that there are just too many differences for that type of solution.  The only real solution is to allow customizable tour book templates.  The new export uses the MS Word "Mail Merge" to generate the pages.  This allows anybody to create a template file in word and populate it with the fields of their choice.  This is still a work in progress and the Word template we've created can be tricky to edit.  However the capability is there and we're going to continue creating sample templates and tutorials to help.

A couple links:

We work closely with Access Pass and Design for professional tourbook printing - we've integrated Master Tour with their printing process. Check out their listing as well as a special offer on their Live Marketplace listing.

If you need additional help with your tourbook creation or you just need someone to do it for you - reach out to us via Master Tour Services and we can help you.

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