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Master Tour is offered as a flat monthly subscription - no signup fees, restart fees, cancellation fees, or contracts. Add and subtract users as you need them.  And your organization can try out Master Tour FREE for 30 days.

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subscription types

There are three types of subscriptions offered to outfit your organization.  The Professional subscription is the cornerstone of the organization - at least 1 Professional subscription is required to set up, configure, and enter data for each organization.  The Professional subscription features the full on- and off-line desktop app and also has all of the mobile access.  

Full Professional users are typically these types of positions:

  • Artist Managers
  • Tour Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Publicity
  • Business Managers

The Premium Plus and Premium are designed to offer your users access to their itinerary data via their mobile smartphones or via the web.  The major difference between the two is that Premium Plus is a paid subscription that also allows users to submit and manage guest list requests as well as manage set lists via their smartphone or the web.  

Premium Plus and Premium accounts are pretty much everyone else on the tour (or back home in some cases) that is involved with the tour.

Note - your organization must have at least one Professional account in order to add Premium Plus or Premium users



Master Tour_Icon_Sm Master Tour Subscription Type

ProfessionalPremium PlusPremium
$39.99/month per user $4.99/month per user Free
On and offline desktop app No desktop app No desktop app
Mobile access Mobile access Mobile access
Full data access Access itinerary info only Access itinerary info only
Mobile guest list, set list Mobile guest list, set list No guest list or set list
Web access to itinerary Web access to itinerary Web access to itinerary
10 GB data storage 10 GB data storage 5 GB data storage
Full access to Live Marketplace vendors Full access to Live Marketplace vendors Full access to Live Marketplace vendors


For more information how the different Master Tour subscription types fit your organization, how organizations can connect together, and how data is shared, please click here.

free 30-day trial subscription process

We offer your organization a free 30 day trial subscription to Master Tour.  (Note that you will need to sign up at least one Professional account to start the trial.) Here's the typical process for the 30 demo period:

  1. At least one person signs up for the demo as a Professional account.
  2. Download the software (desktop and mobile), then set up the software using our Getting Started guides on our Support site - or you can get help from Eventric's sales staff.
  3. Add users to your demo account - they can be Professional, Premium Plus, or Premium accounts. (Each user you add to your organization shares the same demo expiration date.)
  4. Load up test data or your organization's current data.  Again, if you need help, our sales staff can assist you.
  5. Seven days before the end of your demo period, we will ask you to update your account with a credit card.  We'll bill you automatically every month a week before the expiration date until you let us know you want to suspend.
  6. If you suspend or don't decide to continue with a paid subscription, we will keep your data for 3 months at no charge.

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If you have any questions, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we'll get back to you right away.